Your premier local tree service company and PG&E's regional prime contractor. Our main area of focus is maintaining power line clearance to ensure public safety. 

Utility tree pruning is performed to direct tree growth away from power lines using the directional pruning method recommended by the Arbor Day Foundation, the International Society of Arboriculture [ISA], and the American National Standard Institute [ANSI-A300] 
Utility Tree work is done to reduce power outages, promote safety and comply with required clearance. 
FTS follows ANSI, I.S.A., PG&E, and Cal-Osha standards. We strive for customer satisfaction, public safety, and timely debris management with minimal impact to your daily life and property. 
If you notice any debris with FTS red flagging, or have some additional work that needs to be done, please call our office at (707) 984-6629