We at Family Tree know that our employees are the foundation of a successful business. We dedicate staff, tools, clothing, time and equipment to help all of our employees be successful in their positions, as well as helping them to achieve goals for  advancement. We offer competitive pay and benefits. All of our crew members are part of the IBEW Local 1245 Union. 
Currently we have two companies. Family Tree Resource focuses on tree work for residential, commercial and local municipalities. Family Tree Service focuses on PG&E contract fulfillment related to clearing trees from high voltage power lines.  Crews will often cross over to support both companies as demand requires. 
​We would like you to consider your employment with us as an opportunity to create a career in tree service. As we grow, we want our employees to grow with us. Family Tree Service continues to expand because our employees are empowered to contribute ideas, as well as work towards personal and professional development. We continue to review areas of need and look for opportunities to expand our equipment and staff expertise! 

If you are interested in applying for a position with Family Tree
Print the above application. 

You may bring it to either office
41701 North Highway 101 Laytonville, CA
1155 South Main Suite 102 Willits, CA 

email it to: hrpayroll@familytree-service.com, 

or you can mail it to: 
P.O. Box 1325 Laytonville, CA 95454

If you have  any questions regarding employment please contact our Human Resources Representative at (707) 512-0385